Rupert French

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Rupert French

Rupert’s first encounter with reflexology was about 15 years ago, when suffering from a bout of stress-related insomnia. Having explored other avenues without success, he decided to give reflexology a try. One treatment was all it took to break the cycle of his insomnia and this inspired him to find out more.

In 2004 Rupert qualified from the Central London School of Reflexology. Keen to explore different forms of reflexology, he combined a series of postgraduate courses in the UK and Europe with ongoing clinical practice.

This has enabled him to adapt his treatments to whatever is needed.  Whether it is helping someone overcome a niggling injury, treating a client with a chronic auto-immune condition or giving a deep blissful stress-busting treatment.

Rupert’s aim is to help change people’s perception of reflexology, as not only a relaxing spa treatment but also a clinical therapy that helps people recover from myriad illnesses, with the emphasis being more on how the client feels after the treatment than the treatment itself.

As well as working on the feet, Rupert was one of the first therapists in the UK to train in Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem in 2006, a therapy he finds particularly effective when working with hormonal imbalances.

He also offers a specialist anti-ageing facial massage, Japanese Facial Lifting. A treatment that combines elements of the facial reflexology treatment with traditional Japanese facial massage and lymphatic drainage techniques.

Rupert works with all types of conditions but specializes in pain & stress relief, pregnancy, menopause and anti-aging.


Reflexology/Facial Reflexology £85/ 60 mins, £45 / 30 mins,

Japanese Facial Lifting Massage £120 / 60 mins