Real Stress Relief

23 February 2016

Diversions such as adult colouring books help to relax in the short term, but do nothing to address the underlying cause of stress.

Read about colouring therapy and its drawbacks in Netdoctor here.

Exam Time Support: Mindfulness for School.

21 January 2016

The Huffington Post shared some of our thoughts on keeping stress levels down — and a normal home — during exam times: it’s all part of our mindfulness for schools focus.

Read the online article here.

Mindfulness in Schools: What does it Really Mean?

19 January 2016

“There’s a vague idea of mindfulness in schools meaning you pay more attention to what’s going on around you, which seems a fine idea for a teacher, but not much real detail.”

Read the online article here.

Exam Stress: Mindfulness for School

18 January 2016

We spoke to Mummypages about how to avoid exam stress. You can read the online article here.