About Graham Doke

Graham has an MSc in Philosophy of Mind from the University of Edinburgh, where he is undertaking further research in his spe -t interest in emotions: where they come from, how they affect behaviour, and what they consist of in a neurobiological sense. And how they may become an asset. Emotions are natural and normal, and need not be a barrier to happiness.

Graham teaches mind training and meditation: the key to undertanding emotions and bringing the mind and emotions under contol is through a process of training the mind. The techniques he offers are informed both by current advances in neurobiological research and traditional eastern methods — Graham is in the fifth year of a ten year programme of study with a Tibetan master.

He is the architect of the Anamaya App, a comprehensive meditation course, supplemented by therapeutic and self-development models from a panel of experts. He has also developed Anamaya for Schools, the world’s first full-curriculum online mindfulness course for schoolgoers.

He is a contributor to such publications as The Independent, The Huffington Press, Psychologies Magazine and Welldoing.

Graham also works with athletes, and has travelled in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and across Europe to assist ultra-runners to success in some of the world’s toughest races.

He is a Director and co-founder of Anamaya in Kensington, London. He is also a Key Team member at the Mindfulness Foundation.

Graham has degrees in commerce and law, and enjoyed a successful career in law and investment banking.