Deep Release Bodywork

Science tells us that we feel our emotions both mentally and physically: we feel sadness not only as a mental state, but also in our bodies. Physiologically, the mental state is triggered by detection of the physical — the mind detects the physical aspect of emotion, and it reflects in a mental state.

The body, then, is all important in the process of emotional management.

Graham’s Deep Release Bodywork is a deep and intense treatment physical treatment, intended to access and release deep seated tension, tension that results from emotions — chronic stress, anxiety, anger and so on. The aim is to ensure that emotions are released from the body — once they are released from the body, we are free to act on the causes of the emotions that distress.

Using techniques drawn from Acupressure, Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, and western techniques of Trigger Point Release and remedial and athletic massage, this treatment can have profound and startling impact.

It is a treatment only for those seeking fundamental change.

Mindful Massage

Mindful Massage is usually offered as part of a series of Deep Release Bodywork sessions, to allow the body to settle. Clients report a feeling of wakeful sleep, of deep relaxation, of floating, of euphoria. Mindful Massage is a gentle relief from the pressures of modern life.

Graham has an intense schedule and limited availability. Please enquire at reception for his availability.