Amanda Hamilton

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Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton has enjoyed an enormous success in her fifteen year career in nutrition: she has set up some of Europe’s most exclusive wellbeing programmes, as well as her signature wellbeing programmes in two of Europe’s most exclusive hotels. She has also written four bestselling books, which have been translated into more than 20 different languages. She is a BBC radio and TV regular and runs clinics in London and Spain.

Amanda is an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists and The Nutrition Society. She is also an ex-international sports competitor and has worked alongside sports nutritionists for professional athletes.

About Nutrition

Nutrition has the most important life-long impact on your health. No matter where you are in the world, or what your current situation, you want to know that your most valuable resource – your health – is well looked after.  Amanda’s  approach focuses on actionable nutritional insights that fit your body and your lifestyle.

The Personalised Nutrition consultation is a uniquely comprehensive 3-stage process devised by Amanda Hamilton after almost 15 years of clinic practice. She partners with leading Functional Medicine and DNA testing labs for any necessary support testing and information, helping you determine what to spend time on and what to not!

There are myriad reasons clients attend Amanda’s nutrition clinic. There are those who are struggling to overcome a chronic health issue, or shift stubborn pounds, others who seek answers and advice to manage their health with greater precision. Here are some of the common issues seen in the clinic that can achieve an excellent result.

●     Digestive complaints

●     Fertility and pre-conceptual health

●     Painful, heavy or irregular periods / Endometriosis / PCOS

●     Weight issues of all types

●     Stress and anxiety

●     Skin problems

●     Fatigue or adrenal burnout

●     Performance related nutrition –  mental and physical

●     Menopausal symptoms

●     Osteopenia and osteoporosis

●     Teen issues / child nutrition problems

What to expect

Clients will receive an initial fact-find call / Skype to begin the data gathering process and to help determine if functional testing should be arranged.

This will be followed by your clinic appointment at Anamaya  to finalise your programme, advice and go through any test results.

You will then receive your summary programme and advice, written, video or via an online programme. At least one follow-up meeting is generally advisable.

The consultation process involves several stages and is designed to be as flexible as possible, fitting around busy work, time zone or travel schedules.

There are three types of clinic consultation packages available 

The packages include:

Individual consultations for adults or children

6-8 week Body Reset health programme 

12-week Weight Loss programme

In addition, clients can select a premium support package allowing for access via phone messaging for questions and concierge style support on an ongoing basis throughout the programme. Please enquire.

See below for more details.

Packages & Costs 

Individual consultation and case review, including for children

Initial consultation 1hr – £195 / 30 min follow up – £75

A thorough review of health history
A review of your current diet and nutritional supplements
A resulting advice report and video summary including detail on quantities, options by food group, supplements, lifestyle therapies plus recommendations of functional medical testing (if necessary).
If you wish to include a fully personalised recipe plan, this is a further £100 for the initial 4-week plan, plus £50 per month for subsequent updates.

6-8 week Body Reset programme – £495 

A comprehensive, flexible programme targeting improvement in health conditions through a phased, holistic approach that harnesses the power of gut health.  Includes recipes and consultations.

Initial nutrition consultation and case review – 1hr
Phase one – gut health reset plan
Update nutrition consultation (30mins) – in clinic or via Skype
Phase two –  personalised menu and recipe plan
Final consultation (30mins -1hr ) – in clinic or via Skype
Please note this does not include any functional medical tests or check ups that may be required.

12-week Weight Loss programme – £795 

A comprehensive, flexible programme targeting healthy, sustainable fat loss and shape change. Includes sample recipes, consultations and weekly messaging /motivation check-ins.

Initial nutrition consultation and case review – 1hr
Month one – 4 week phase 1 kick start diet
Update call / Skype (15-30 mins)
Month two – 4 week phase 2 diet
Update call / Skype (15-30 mins)
Month three – 4 week phase 3 diet
Final nutrition review – (30 mins – 1hr) in clinic or via Skype
Optional before and after DEXA scan to monitor body fat and muscle change  – £249

What is a DEXA scan? DEXA stands for dual-energy X-ray. It is a medical-grade technology that sees even visceral fat and is vastly superior to skin calipers and bio-impedance gadgets. This medical scan is undertaken at partner locations in Marylebone or London City.

Additional functional medical tests that may be required are coordinated via registered partner clinics.
Additional Information

Consultations, support calls and check-in’s are designed to be as flexible as possible, fitting around busy work, time zone or travel schedules. In some cases home or location visits are possible.