Bene Spoelders

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Bene Spoelders

Bene Spoelders is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, and has been tailoring yoga to individuals with back pain for more than eight years, using Yoga Therapy. Bene qualified with the Yoga Biomedical Trust and Yoga Campus, is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

Yoga Therapy can relieve or even remove different kinds of back pain through customized strengthening and releasing exercises. The other effects of yoga, such as an overall sense of well-being and stress relief, are also beneficial when dealing with back problems. Bene combines movements with breath awareness and relaxation techniques to create a greater ease in mind and body.

What to expect from yoga therapy for back pain

Yoga therapy for back pain provides you with a well-planned and careful yoga regime to which non-specific lower back pain, scoliosis, facet problems, sciatica and a herniated disc can respond particularly well. It customises the exercises to safely stretch and strengthen the necessary muscle groups and address imbalances and misalignments. The added breath awareness has a calming effect and is a powerful tool to release physical and emotional tensions. Relaxation techniques allow the mind to focus and relax.

You will be encouraged to incorporate yoga in your daily life: this includes adopting a good posture, learning which daily movements are best avoided or adapted, and what you can do regularly to look after your back.

A private yoga therapy programme is designed as a support system that can help you to:

·       learn the specific yoga exercises that relieve your particular back pain.

·       do relaxation and breathing techniques to release muscle tightness and stress.

·       strengthen weaker muscles.

·       feel greater ease in body and mind.

·       know how to avoid a relapse.

·       improve your posture.

Yoga therapy is not a quick fix so I recommend at least 3 sessions to see if this approach helps you. The initial session includes time to discuss your back pain — please bring any medical reports, the diagnosis or x-rays of your back condition. The first session will also make a start on gentle poses, breathing and relaxation. The next sessions focus on adding and fine-tuning the exercises that are most helpful for your particular back condition and on improving posture, muscle coordination and alignment.


Special introductory offer – book one yoga therapy session and receive your second one for free! Offer valid throughout August and September, please mention at the time of booking.