India Haylor, BSc (Hons), MSc.

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India Haylor, BSc (Hons), MSc.

India has an BSc (Hons) in Management Science and worked in the financial City of London before retraining as a therapist. She then went on to study Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy under Professor Windy Dryden and Dr Albert Ellis in New York and has an MSc in REBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

India founded OCDCentre in 2003 following her volunteer work for an anxiety disorders charity, where she had developed her own protocols for helping OCD patients. Over the next 13 years, she developed her protocol further. Having recognised that OCD often requires an intensive intervention, she established the first intensive course for OCD in the UK in 2004, and achieved breakthroughs in recognising, treating and raising awareness of previously unrecognised sub-types of OCD such as relationship OCD (ROCD) and homosexual OCD (HOCD).

She was one of the first therapists to speak openly about Responsibility OCD relating to paedophilia worries, and has written papers and presented papers on this subject internationally.

Early in her career India worked alongside Dr Jeffrey Schwartz to bring mindfulness for OCD to the UK, and was the first to incorporate this modality in to her intensive programme in the UK.

India has been interviewed on BBC Breakfast TV, Radio 5 Live, Richard & Judy, Trisha, and Radio 4. She has been a consultant to films and TV research depts. and has featured in the London Standard, The Sunday Times, Marie Claire, Woman and Home, the Daily Mail, the Express and many other publications.

Before moving to New York she was a Trustee of the leading UK OCD charity OCDAction. She then spent 8 years working in both London and New York. During her time in the US, she visited many of the US specialist OCD units, including UCLA Medical School. In the last two years, India has worked in 13 countries around the world, treating clients and raising awareness of OCD.

India is now based in London.

Appointment availability on request – please call reception 0203 011 0355