Katrin Hempel, B.H. Sc., ND, Dipl.Ac.

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Katrin Hempel, B.H. Sc., ND, Dipl.Ac.

Katrin is a Naturopath who has been working in the health industry for more than 20 years including working for London Institute of Neurology as a biomedical scientist.

After obtaining a degree as a medical scientist in Germany in 1998  Katrin moved to Australia, where she studied Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homoeopathy, Nutrition and Iridology, qualifying as a Naturopathic Doctor and obtaining a bachelor degree in Health Science.

Looking for new challenges and to further her skills and education she moved to the UK, working as a natural therapist, whilst regularly travelling to Germany and other European countries to gain more skills and knowledge.

Infusion therapy is an important component of natural medicine and invaluable to easily and profoundly restore health and vitality, especially in chronic diseases, long standing nutrient deficiencies and digestive and absorption problems. Katrin is offering very potent, tailor made IV drips to improve health problems quickly and efficiently. Katrin offers a wide range of cutting edge IV drips, like high dose vitamin C / multivitamin / minerals but also unique cocktails like resveratrol, curcumin, CoQ10 and many others that are exclusive to her in the UK. Katrin also provides activated B12 and Folate injections and nervous system balancing / de-stressing IV treatments.

Katrin also offers Covid-19 antibody tests, which have a 99% accuracy and will fast and reliably detect whether you had recent exposure to covid.

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Treatment Prices / Duration:
The prices range from £55 to £550 depending on treatments, the Covid-19 antibody test is £285.
Duration from 15min to 1hour