Ketty Bucca

Ketty Bucca began her career as a dancer with Rudra Bejart Ballet and went on to work with the Vienna State Opera Ballet. She danced for ten years at the Vienna State Opera and Volks Opera Ballet where she achieved solo status in a number of roles.

In 2003 she discovered Pilates and found she believed in the method so much that she decided to train as an instructor.  Studying with Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates’ protege),  her daughter Sari Santo and Marjorie Oron, with support from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation Scholarship which also supported Ketty early in her ballet career, she attained her her certificate of ‘Completion Authentic Pilates Method’ (Level five) from the Authentic Pilates New York. Since then she has continued her professional education in Paris, the Hague, Barcelona, New Orleans and New York where  in 2007 she  achieved her Level 4 Authentic Pilates Instructor Certificate. This qualifies her to be a ‘teacher trainer. There are only two authentic Pilates instructors at this level in the United Kingdom.

Ketty is committed to still furthering her knowledge of Pilates and in 2007 she completed the ‘Certificate of Most Common Upper Body Injuries and Treatment Through The Pilates Method.’  She has also studied the application of Pilates to scoliosis and hip and knee injuries. In 2008 certificate in”Anatomy of Pilates, Deep lines through the power house”,  2009 in “Postura e Pilates”.She has great experience of treating clients with lower back problems.

Ketty started working as a private Pilates instructor in 2003 at the Pilates Centre of the Netherlands.  She has also worked at The Pilates Centre in Vienna. Since 2007 she runs her own business “INTELLIGENT MOTION authentic Pilates” in London.

KETTY BUCCA 55mins / £110
ZSOFIA / AMELIA / CHIARA (Ketty’s assistants) 55mins / £90