Rachel Gold

Rachel provides supportive sex and relationship therapy sessions to women and couples who are seeking to explore and heal sexual concerns and intimacy issues. Her extensive experience and professional training spanning 25 years, enables Rachel to feel confident that her method of somatic sex and relationship therapy offers a fast and impactful approach to discovering sexual contentment.

Rachel believes that most adults have many unexplored questions about sex, either relating to themselves or within the context of their relationship; having concerns about sexual function is the norm today and as such, talking to a friendly professional can be a pivotal life choice

Sex and relationship therapy helps to overcome difficulties in obtaining or maintaining intimate relationships and offers both individuals and couples an opportunity to explore feelings about sex, sexual performance or sexual orientation.

Rachel is dedicated to helping her clients to transform what she sees as the limitations of goal oriented, performance focused sex, into something more alive, intimate and immensely more pleasurable.

After an initial 90 minute meeting, Rachel will create a very personalised program of theraputic sex & relationship coaching, including sex education, practical techniques, somatic exercises, alongside supportive counselling, making it easy for you to transform old patterns, increase comfort and confidence and incorporate new possibilities into every aspect of your life.

Rachel’s very relaxed and positive approach to sexual well being has guided her 3 decade professional journey, in which she has been privileged to witness the healing and transformation of many brave women and couples.
Rachel recognises that the idea of talking about sexual concerns with a stranger can feel daunting and so continually looks for new and inventive ways to support clients, both in and out of the formal therapy setting.

She is trained in various healing and relaxing bodywork modalities, as well as being a yoga teacher, all of which has inspired Rachel to offer small groups to women, in which she guides her clients into a state of yoga nidra focussing on womb health and vitality. This more relaxed setting can often an easier first step to exploring sexual concerns for women, as well as being very rejuvenating and enlivening for busy mums.

As a mother of 3 children, ranging in age from 24 to 8, Rachel is deeply touched by the journey of parenting and the impact that pregnancy, birth and beyond, has on intimate relationships. She has authored 2 books on the subject and spent many years as a media spokesperson for sexual pleasure and healing in pregnancy.
Rachel has a great deal of compassion for parents navigating these challenging times, especially as we are the potential role models for the next generation, in how to live with a healthy, positive and pleasurable ethos to sex and as such, she hosts informal groups for parents to explore sex education and any concerns about how to approach the subject of sex and relationships with our children.

Rachel currently welcomes clients for initial consultations, ongoing sessions and women’s yoga nidra on Mondays, Tuesdays and at weekends.


60mins / £135

90mins / £195