Iren Merdinyan

Iren Merdinyan is a certified Yoga Nidra Teacher and offers Yoga Nidra classes and Cacao & Nidra ceremonies. Iren is very passionate about Yoga Nidra as it is a therapeutic and very adaptogenic practice i.e. adapts itself to the needs of the individual. Yoga Nidra is a sacred yogic process of relaxation and meditation; it’s an “awakened sleep” state of consciousness.

Iren started working with cacao over 10 years ago. She likes the look and the feel of things, which are done with awareness and care. Her passion for delicious and high quality raw chocolate and desserts (as the founder of Raw Bonbon ~ a London based healthy brand) has taken her deeper into the exploration of the medicinal benefits of the ceremonial cacao.
“Cacao is truly one of the most powerful superfoods; an amazingly powerful Plant Medicine in its natural form that helps us to release emotional blockages, find forgiveness in ourselves and others. Cacao is a medicine of the heart but its physiological benefits are for the whole body and mind. Cacao is the number one natural mood enhancer due to the abundance of feel good phytonutrients it contains.”


Yoga Nidra – 1 to 1 session
Duration: 45minutes
Price: £80

Each of my Yoga Nidra sessions are in response to the unique needs of the listener, place, time and season.

No matter our wellness lifestyle, our supportive diet and the physical exercises we incorporate in our life, we accumulate tensions in the muscular, emotional and mental systems. Rest is not enough to release these tensions; we need to learn how to relax completely, deeply and in that state the inner tensions of the body, emotions and tensions in the mind are released.

Yoga Nidra helps us heal and balance. It helps us develop skills to remove stress and peel away misperceptions and beliefs that cover our true nature; it helps our mind to sink into our heart. Yoga Nidra is a fertile ground. The potent brain waves reached at Yoga Nidra state can be used to reach the subconscious mind and initiate a positive change.

Yoga Nidra sessions can help with physical tensions, stress, sleep, creativity, gaining perspective, balance.

Ceremonial Cacao & Yoga Nidra  – 1 to 1 session
Duration: 1 hour
Price: £95
Develop a personal healing relationship with Cacao and learn to work with this powerful Plant Medicine while in total relaxation.

We will start the session with drinking ceremonial cacao and connect with the cacao plant and the intention for the session.  Followed by Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra is a sacred yogic process of relaxation. It’s a deep receptive relaxation (physical, mental and emotional) all the while remaining totally aware and alert throughout its process; it’s an “awakened sleep” state of consciousness.
Together with the heart opening properties of the raw cacao we will be supported to stay and go deeper in the Heart Space. The hormones of stress cause our heart to race constantly and if we keep this heart incoherence it diminishes the energy in the heart and we stop trusting ourselves, stop trusting in the future. Once we begin to open our heart the energy makes its way to the heart centre – this is the centre of wholeness, oneness and the centre from where we create.
Raw Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. Cacao is unlike other plant medicines in that it doesn’t take you on a journey, but gently supports you in wherever you are at. Cacao’s more subtle energy works with you based on what is happening inside.

Ceremonial Cacao benefits:

  • Helps you understand yourself
  • Can aid clearing emotional blockages
  • Enables the letting go of past relationships
  • Connects you with your creativity
  • Enhances focus and mental agility