Pilates is a remedial exercise system designed to strengthen the ‘core’ of the body – a system of muscles deep inside the body that we never feel, until something goes wrong.

Essential to a healthy spinal position, they are the core not only of the body, but of proper and painless posture.

A weak or dysfunctional core can be the cause of long-term back pain, and pain and discomfort associated with poor gait and posture.

Pilates works to provide you with a strong and healthy core. It also works to increase flexibility and mobility – not only can it eliminate pain and discomfort, it can ease body stress and leave you feeling more comfortable, more at ease, more relaxed.

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Special June / July 2018 offer for new clients – 1/2 price on your first 55min private pilates session with Zsofia, Alison & Chiara – save £45 (Please mention the offer at the time of booking)


With Ketty – 55mins / £110

With Ketty’s Assistants – 55mins / £90