Anamaya Meditation App

Anamaya Meditation App 1.1 has arrived

Now with with all new self development modules – produced in response to user feedback, the Modules offer self-development and therapy sessions in a range of 14 different areas, ranging from Anxiety and Relationships, to Motivation, Fulfilment, and even Diet.


Each Module consists of six sessions between 10 and 15 minutes long, from a selection of our Anamaya therapists, as well as from experts drawn from elsewhere – as far afield as Kathmandu and Sydney!

At £1.49, the Modules are a snip – but make no mistake, you are still receiving top advice from top experts: Lizzy Hawker, speaker and author, and one of the world’s finest endurance trail runners, addresses motivation; world-renowned expert Robin Lefever of Promis Clinics helps you to keep away from the slippery slope of addiction; Lynda Mallinson, founder of London Dietitians and head of the Oncology Clinic at the Cancer Centre, London, talks in serious no-nonsense terms about a healthy diet.

With the addition of the Modules, the Anamaya App is unique in the App field – it breaks ground as the ‘2nd Generation of Meditation App.

Anamaya Meditation App 

Nine months in the making, the Anamaya App is now available for download from the AppStore.

The Meditation App features more than 350 meditations, covering 11 different focus areas including worry, anxiety, stress, pain, sports and pregnancy – designed not just to relax, but to heal.

Sometimes meditation seems such a good idea, but where to start? And how to continue? The App is a complete course, designed to enable you to learn to meditate and to practice in your own time, wherever you are.

Narrator and principle architect of the App, Graham Doke, comments: “I had clients from across the world asking me how they could practice their meditation in their own time. With this new application we are aiming to demystify meditation and make it accessible to all – even those who have never really considered it as an option.”

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