Caroline Mason

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Caroline Mason

Caroline is a Nutritional Therapist and Food Coach who works with her clients to achieve a balanced and healthy relationship with food and drink. By developing an understanding of her clients, their individual lifestyles, she is able to address how and why they are affected by stresses, triggers, weight and health issues with an emphasis on negative, compulsive, repetitive, self-sabotaging behaviours.

Caroline offers her nutrition therapy against a background of 14 years working in mental health, neurology, oncology and cardiovascular therapy, giving her a unique and valuable perspective.

Caroine’s Approach

If we do not have a happy and healthy relationship with food and drink and misuse our intake, then our bodies, minds and lives can suffer from stress, ill health and disease.
Through functional testing, including genetic, nutrition and hormone testing, you can take steps to address your individual relationship with food and drink which may be out of balance or out of control.

My purpose is to create awareness and to help bring people back to balance, working towards a state of good health, freedom and peace with an appropriate programme for life.

My spe -t interest is in how to remove repetitive/compulsive/self-sabotaging habits and behaviours, how to reduce and end dieting, the obsession with weighing scales and weight and living with daily stress. Creating fundamental and long-term nutritional changes for individuals, families and groups, whether at home or in the work place.

Why clients come to see me

Addiction including;
Alcohol/ Substance Abuse
Adrenal health
Binge eating
Body Image and Self Esteem
Cardiovascular health
Children and teens who have difficulty concentrating, sleeping or eating well
Comfort/Compulsive/Disordered eating
Eating disorders
Hormone imbalance including;
Cortisol levels
Sex hormones
Mood Imbalance
Weight loss/management

Qualifications & Training
Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry
1997 – 2011
Working in mental health, neurology, oncology and cardiovascular therapy
The National Centre for Eating Disorders:
Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders
Nutritional Skills for Eating Disorders
The Management of Obesity
The Institute of Functional Medicine:
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
Mastering the Addictive Personality:
Yoga for addiction recovery, substance and process abuse, 12 step programmes, harm minimisation, postures, prananyama, meditation for addiction recovery
College of Naturopathic Medicine: Qualified Nutritional Therapist
Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP Coach Certification
Certified Practitioner of The Time Line Therapy
Certified Hypnotherapist

Professional Memberships


Initial Consultation: £300/60mins

Follow-up consultation: based on a pro rata rate of £240 per hour but are often or can be less than an hour, meaning the fee is proportional to the time spent.
*Please note that any additional testing or recommended supplements are provided by third parties at additional cost.