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REN Skincare have just launched the highly anticipated ‘Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial’

  • It gives skin a fresh, potent dose of Vitamin C that dramatically reboots radiance and firmness and reveals a fresh ‘wide-awake’ look.
  • Formulated with fresh, water-activated Vitamin C which neutralises ‘urban grey’ in a flash, oxidised darkened sebum (blackheads) and protein (dead skin cells). It leaves the skin feeling firmer, toned and smoothed, while reducing the signs of fatigue, photo-ageing and any skin discolourations.

How it works:

  • Flash Rinse is gel formulated using clean chemistry that contains Boswellic Acid, Magnesium and stabilized 10% Vitamin C in a silica/glyceride matrix that avoids activation and oxidation before use. The gel is applied to the face and massaged in for a few seconds before adding water.
  • Water, and the minerals in the water activate the Vitamin C as found in the sodium ascorbate, the salt factor within ascorbic acid that is active rather than the ascorbic acid itself.
  • The water then activates the gel to deliver into the skin an intense shot of fresh, active and potent Vitamin C.

Instant results:

  • The Vitamin C effect is a pure, active effect and not a lengthy process or chemical reaction. It is a direct action on the skin. To maintain the freshness and potency of the Vitamin C, the tube packaging collapses when used, so less air is involved.
  • Vitamin C is an immediate ‘organiser’ of collagen fibres. If the collagen are trapped in bundles that are tight and bound together, it won’t have its ‘springiness’ or ‘bounce’. Think of the springs in a bed mattress. Vitamin C will quickly re- arrange the superficial collagen fibres to boost firmness in the skin quickly and increase the ‘mattress’ of the skin to restore bounce and smoothness.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that exhibits Superoxide Dismutase-like activity, which is our skin’s own natural free radical scavenger. It has a DNA protecting quality also and reduces damage caused by UV light.
  • Boswellic Acid inhibits neuro-mediators, the messengers directly responsive to the nerves which relaxes muscles in the skin, acting like a natural botox effect in instantly smooth out fine lines.
  • Boswellic Acid targets inflammation and the ‘ache’ of sore and tense muscles in the face. We hold a lot of tension in our facial muscles and this result in inflammation and discomfort.
  • The Boswellic Acid reduces facial fatigue as well as relaxes the micro-contractions in facial tissue to soften lines.
  • Glycogen and Magnesium restores a healthy glow and vitality to the skin. These elements are usually transported to the skin through our digestive process and blood circulation, but in this instance, there is a direct delivery to the skin.
  • Glycogen and Magnesium stimulate the synthesis of ATP (cell energy) that fuels all processes in the skin.

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