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Bullying and Mindfulness for Kids

According to a new survey, over 1.5 million young people in the UK encounter bullying every year … and many of those who have been bullied go on to bully others. We joined the discussion of this problem on BBC 5 Live, to bring a mindfulness in schools perspective to the problem.

You can find our comments from 2.53 on the BBC podcast’s timeline here. The discussion commences at 2.38, with powerful stories from a person who bullied and one who was bullied, and how they dealt with it.

Controlling Thoughts: Mindfulness for Kids

We talked to teach wire about the benefits of mindfulness in schools. You can read the online article here.

Six Questions to Ask Your Teen About Anxiety

Discussing anxiety can be tricky — we offered Good Housekeeping six ways to start the conversation.

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A Mindfulness for Schools Solution

We shared a few thoughts on mindfulness in school with Academy Today. You can read the online article here.

Essential Mental Health

Challenging the language you use in your head – and the reasons you accept other people’s behaviour – are essential for mental health hygiene: here are five tips that we shared with The Independent.

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