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Neuromeditation is a term for meditation that focuses on the science behind the ancient practice. There is nothing mystical about neuromeditation – it is simply extended intense concentration: it could be called physiotherapy for the brain.

In these periods of intense concentration, we effectively ‘shut out the noise’ of everyday life, those things that bother, worry and anger us. It is a serene place, and visiting it is profoundly relaxing.

However, we aim to show you further benefits, based on scientific research by neuroscientists and clinical psychologists at a number of universities (our work is based principally on the work of Dr Dan Seigal’s unit at UCLA): extended concentration will produce measurable changes in brain anatomy, with consequent changes in attitude, behavior, and mood. It has been demonstrated to be hugely beneficial in cases of stress, anxiety and depression.

The aim is to introduce you to your own serenity, that place of deep awareness and peace that is reached in meditation, and to provide tools for your ongoing development of your access to that serenity.

And for each moment you visit your serenity, your brain becomes used to it – it becomes trained to repeat the process it. Repeated training – physiotherapy for the brain – will lead to physiological and structural changes in the brain: your neurology will change.

We offer one-on-one sessions 60mins / £100