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At Anamaya we have built a healing facility that is unique in London – one that offers clients space, comfort and facility in which they may enjoy the full benefit of the healing treatment they receive.

From the client’s point of view, the experience starts with a sumptuous reception and waiting room in which to relax prior to treatment – to leave the ‘road noise’ behind – where they can choose from a selection of complimentary teas and fruit to help them relax.

The treatment rooms themselves are beautifully appointed, and after their treatment, there is a ‘chill-out’ or meditation room, where they may relax in order to allow their treatment to ‘bed-in’. There they may use a set of Bose headphones to listen to a choice of soothing music, or technical meditation sounds, or they may read, or simply sit.

They might choose to enjoy a cup of tea in the reception before they go, and they are ready once again to face the tumult of London.

From the practitioner’s perspective, we offer:

Beautifully appointed treatment rooms, with fully adjustable Plinth 2000 electric tables, full towel service, and Bose iPod music stations and one dedicated talking therapy room.
Full reception and telephone service.
Electronic booking, including on-line and in-app booking facilities for practitioners and clients.
Full card, cash or online-based payment facilities.
Full social media promotion of the centre and practitioners, including Facebook, Instagram and blog.
A large database of clients to whom we send a regular newsletter, including interviews with individual practitioners.
Although we are offering a unique and incomparable facility, you will find that our room rental rates are competitive.

Our aim is to assemble a group of experienced professionals, and to facilitate cross-referencing between them. We wish to create a centre to which clients know they can entrust their wellbeing.

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