Ivana Daniell

Ivana Daniell, Italian born, is a graduate of the renowned Laban Centre in London, and the founder and director of Ivana Daniell BODY ID.

Ivana Daniell is a Movement and Posture expert, whose mission is to educate and guide people to make the right choices concerning their bodies and when choosing specific activities or exercise programmes.

Having dealt with a bad back injury in the past, Ivana’s main motivation has become to make people feel better. Over the past 30 years, she has looked after people from all over the world, including royalty, athletes, film and music personalities, and anyone who wishes to move more intelligently. Her clients have become a constant source of inspiration.

Her innovative BODY ID method is based on many years of professional experience in dance, Intelligent Movement, Movement Therapy, and observations of the human body, and is proven to be effective for long-term relief from chronic back pain, safer alternative programmes to physical fitness and the prevention of muscular-skeletal damage.

Ivana pioneered her revolutionary approach by applying a holistic technique that encompasses a person’s lifestyle, physical characteristics, and mindful well-being.

She has collaborated with renowned doctors and clinics, from London to Singapore, even introducing the Pilates Method and other intelligent movement methods to Singapore and Southeast Asia in 1998.

Ivana now runs her posture and movement re-education clinic here at Anamaya.

Ivana has written A Manual for a Contemporary Body  for those who are searching for better life quality, who want to enjoy a beautiful, strong and efficient body throughout their life journey. People who are juggling careers with family obligations and at the same time struggling with a busy and less physically active lifestyle.

Ivana can help you to achieve a healthier body and a well-balanced, active and healthy life, and to learn to exercise in a more functional and intelligent manner, without the risk of injuries.

Ivana is avialable at Anamaya on Tuesday afternoons – please call reception to book your session.


Ivana Daniell signature Postural Assessment

1 hour / £ 250

Ivana Daniell Re-Assessment and individual sessions
1 hour / £ 150