Mathieu Gugumus-Leguillon

Strength and mindfulness are at the core of Mathieu’s development as Soft Tissue Therapist. He has a great understanding of the body and its links to the mind. With thousands of treatments delivered, his skills allow him to work on a very wide range of issues, from deep and technical to subtle and soft.

He has developed his own way into alleviating symptoms of stress such as intricate headaches, relief of sports tensions, chronic injuries, and work or travel tightnesses. One of Mathieu’s biggest passions is to help pregnant women to reach an optimal state of relaxation. Over the years he has became an expert in pre and post natal work. His hands have a natural ability that will make you feel at ease and achieve the sense of relief that you looking for.


*Deep Tissue and Sports Massage* An all-rounder treatment with a lot of personal elements and techniques designed to leave you tension free. 60”/ £110 90”/ £150 120”/ £180

*Headache/Migraine Relief* A treatment that mixes a variety of techniques ranging from deep tissue to more subtle manipulations, aiming at improving the blood flow in the upper body, the neck, skull and face, to make your head feel light and relieved. 45”/£85 60”/£110 90”/£150

*Pre/Post Natal* A special treatment crafted to each pregnant and post pregnancy woman. Not your usual very light touch treatment, it will truly help you go through the most special time in your life, feeling lighter, less tense and relieved. 60”/£110 90”/£150 120”/£180

*Calming treatment* A slow paced gradually deep flow that will leave you floating. 60”/£110 90”/£150 120”/£180


60mins/ £110

90mins/ £150

120mins/ £180

Available every Thursday and other days by request!