Rupert French

Rupert’s first encounter with reflexology was about 20 years ago, when suffering from a bout of stress-related insomnia. Having explored other avenues without success, he decided to give reflexology a try. One treatment was all it took to break the cycle of his insomnia and this inspired him to find out more.

Rupert qualified from the Central London School of Reflexology in 2004 and has since studied with many of the world’s leading authorities on reflexology, helping him to refine his techniques and enabling him to adapt his treatments to whatever is needed.

He works with all types of conditions but specializes in pain & stress relief, hormonal dis-orders and pregnancy.

However, what really fascinates him is the biomechanical relationship between the feet and the body, and how poor movement in one affects the other, and how that in turn can impact on our health.

He is the only reflexologist in the world to have studied Gary Ward’s Anatomy in Motion (AIM), a movement therapy that uses gait and posture to unravel and solve people’s longstanding and often unexplained pain.

The feet are key to this process because if they can’t pronate or supinate well then the rest of the body has to compensate.

His ‘Free your Feet’ treatment is a great introduction to this and combines reflexology, mobilisation and massage with some AIM techniques and movements.

In addition to this Rupert also offers two treatments on the face – Facial Reflexology & Japanese Facial Lifting.  Both are fantastic for stress, great for the skin and work well with hormonal imbalances.


Reflexology £110 / 60 mins

Anatomy in Motion £190 / 90 mins + 30 mins pre appointment assessment

Free your Feet £110 / 60mins

Facial Reflexology / Japanese Facial Lifting Massage £135 / 60 mins