Hilde Ledeganck

Hilde is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist (registered with BACP) and Personal Development Coach and has completed the Martha Beck/Wayfinder Life Coach training.

Hilde’s skillset of Integrative Therapy, Counselling, Coaching & Psychotherapy is focused on helping people who feel trapped to dismantle the beliefs that hold them back from accomplishing their dreams so that they can become emotionally and financially independent. Through this work toward self love and empowerment, one can rediscover a strong sense of purpose and direction, a renewed awareness of possibilities, and a re-connection to your essential self.

What you can expect

Using transformational life coaching and therapy, I want to help you to:

  • Achieve self-love
  • Heal from co-dependency
  • Recover from narcissistic abuse
  • Learn to create healthy boundaries
  • Aim for more joy and freedom
  • Grow from this crisis
  • Become self-empowered and independent
  • Follow a fresh path that is in line with your ideal life


50mins / £100

(An introductory 30min zoom call is arranged before your first session)

Arantxa De Dios

Arantxa is a native of Spain but has lived in London for almost 11 years.  A qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach as well as an accredited member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP, Arantxa offers her clients a professional, friendly and confidential service using a blend of therapies to get the best results they need to make positive life changes, release their inner potential and achieve their goals.

Arantxa is passionate about helping people overcome problems or challenges in their life. She spe -es in assisting those who are struggling with something by teaching them ways of reducing and managing stress and anxiety, and by giving them the inner resilience and coping strategies to deal with whatever life throws at them. Arantxa’s aim is to equip her clients with a wide range of tools and coping mechanisms to use in their everyday lives. She assists clients with unlocking the obstacles and barriers from the past by connecting with these unpleasant emotions in order to take, at both the unconscious and conscious level, the positives and learning from them and to let go of the negativity.

Arantxa can help with overcoming traumatic events, stress and anxiety, fears and phobias, grief, weight loss, smoking cessation, addictions along with general confidence building and releasing negative emotions which are creating that ‘stuck’ feeling through a mix of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching.

The therapy is tailored to clients’ specific needs and designed to enable them to develop their confidence and skills to manage their life and thrive, both now in the future.

I was featured on a BBC Bitesize Primary Parents podcast. As well as on the Canadian magazine Today’s Parents / and Tribuna Spanish newspaper

More recently Arantxa was excited to be interviewed by Hugo Rifkind on Times Radio about their article “Millions of women set to give up work over stress from lockdown.”

Arantxa is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian and offers a free no obligation consultation call (20 min) to answer to your questions.


If you’ve been struggling with an ongoing issue that’s keeping you stuck and unable to move forward with your life and be happy.
If you’ve tried several different ways to tackle the issue without success, my “breakthrough in 10 weeks” program might be the answer.

I spe -e in working with clients to help them better cope with life pressures, providing them with effective tools to build resilience.

My expertise across different modalities and my unique approach of blending different techniques allows me to tailor therapy the specific to your needs.
I’ve worked with hundred clients from all walks of life, successfully helping them to process and come to terms with traumatic events, overcome anger, stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, grief and addiction, work on confidence building and releasing negative emotions.
My methods work especially well with those in high-pressured environments including Company Directors, Executives and Professional Sports People.

My clients can achieve a major breakthrough in as little as 8-10 weeks on issues they have been trying unsuccessfully to solve for years.

The program lasts for 10 weeks and will take you through a 5 step process of:

1. Identification of the issue where we examine whats currently holding you back and the effect it currently has on you and your life. This will give you an opportunity to better understand the issue and allow me to decide the best therapies to use to help you achieve your goal.

2. The next phase looks at helping you understand where your worries come from, reframing your negative thoughts and understanding that you you have the freedom to control your thoughts and feelings. You will feel empowered to deal with negative emotions and thoughts as and when they arise. During this process I will share some powerful tools and techniques to manage worries that manifest as stress or anxiety.

3. Next we look at consciously shifting your lifting beliefs to help support your desired goals. Through interrupting unhelpful thought patterns with new interpretation and perspectives, we literally rewire you brain for success – allowing you to overcome your personal limitations, boundaries, phobias, fears and even trauma.

4. Understanding your relationship dynamics – we will look into your current relationships and communication patterns you engage in. Looking at any conflicts, confusion or lack. As a result you will be in a position to understand and develop constructive communication channels in all your relationships.

5. Once we have worked through the process we will measure your progress against your first session. We will recap on the tools and techniques and when best to use them. You will end the engagement confident in applying the tools on your own or you may wish to continue meeting to explore any other issues that may have come to the surface during our time together.
Price: £1000


Are you fed up of hearing “NO!” every time you ask your child to put on their shoes, when its time to get washed, when it’s time to get in the car?
For some reason they seem to sense when you are running late and need them to move quickly. The more urgent the request, the more reluctant they are to do as you ask.

Do you find yourself counting down the hours until bedtime rather than enjoying time with your children?
Do you wonder how some parents seem to get an easy ride with well behaved children who are always happy and willing to co operate?Do you wonder what if there’s a secret that other parents know to getting children to listen?

You’re not alone.

I know you are doing the best you can and know that you feel there must be another way.
It’s totally possible for you to get instant cooperation from your children without resorting to bribes or threats.
It’s also possible for you to set boundaries with your children let them know they are loved and respected and have them wanting to work with you instead of rebelling.

This introductory parenting workshop will help you:

Understand why children misbehave and what it really means

Feel more in control of your emotions when dealing with a temper tantrum

Become more confident and feel competent as a parent (because you are!)

This is a 2 hour workshop where we will explore the following topics…..

I strongly believe there is no right or wrong way to parent but how we parent our children today will have a long term effect on their future.
The skills you’ll lean will help you get better results with your children – immediately.

By the end of the workshop you’ll walk away with:

A clear understanding of what you are doing to make your child resist you

How the unrealistic expectations of yourself and your child are causing unnecessary stress and the easy steps you can take to shift your perception and get positive feedback from your child

Learn the words that create conflict and the word to use instead to get cooperation

A clear picture of the action steps you’ll take to start being the parent you want to be

No prior knowledge is required.

Who will benefit from this workshop:
Any parent, grandparent, nanny – anyone who works with or spends time with children.
Parents who want to get cooperation without having to make threats.
Parents want to avoid shouting, bribing, threatening and feeling guilty about what is going on.
Price: £200


Are you sick and tired of having to yell at your children to get them to listen to you?
Do you feel guilty and or ashamed of overreacting, being mean or smacking your children when they act up?
Do you worry about the long-term damage on your children’s self-esteem from your anger and frustration?

Many parents believe the main thing causing them to be short tempered and frustrated is having too many priorities and too little time.
The truth is once you understand the the specific thinking that causes your stress, it becomes easy to shift your perspective and develop new and healthy responses to the triggers that would ordinarily send you over the edge.

This programme will help you:

Identify and understand the real cause of your anger and frustration, so you can stop wondering why you often feel so stressed when dealing with your child/ren.
Shift your perspective around challenging situations and help you reframe your thinking.
Take the necessary action to improve the relationship with your child/ren and bring you closer together.

This is a 6 week programme where we will explore the following topics:

🌟 WEEK 1 – Understanding your Anger. You will discover the real cause of your anger/ frustration and how to recognise the specific thinking that causes your stress. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not your child’s behaviour, or any other event.

🌟 WEEK 2 – The Shift to Reality. You will learn how to accept the reality of the challenging events and shift your perspective of the situation away from stressful thoughts

🌟 WEEK 3 – Let’s Get Solution-Focussed. You will pick up new ways of responding to those little instances that end up sending us over the edge. It’s also about seeking out solutions to those bigger behavioural issues that can be quite frustrating.

🌟 WEEK 4 – Setting you up for Future Success. You will take away 5 steps that you can apply to ANY situation that causes you stress.

I strongly believe there is no right or wrong way to parent but how we parent our children today will have a long term effect on their future. The skills you’ll learn will help you get better results with your children – immediately.

By the end of the programme you’ll walk away with:
A clear understanding of what you are doing to make your child resist you.
A clear picture of the action steps you’ll take to start being the parent you want to be.
Understanding of how you can remodel and better manage your anger.

No prior knowledge is required.

Who will benefit from this programme:
Any parent, grandparent, nanny – anyone who works with or spends time with children.
Parents who want to get cooperation without having to make threats.
Parents want to avoid shouting, bribing, threatening and feeling guilty about what is going on.
Price: £720 one person. / £1000 per couple.


Get back to being IN love with your significant other.
Do you sometimes feel you aren’t as connected with your spouse as you once were?
Are you frustrated that you just can’t seem to get on the same page as your partner when it comes to issues around the home and parenting?
Are you tired of small niggles turning into unnecessary arguments seen by your children?
Do you feel like you’re being taken for granted because you’re contributing less financially or work less hours so everything falls to you?

If you’re feeling like your relationship is fast becoming a secondary casualty of the pandemic – you’re not alone.

The disruption of your normal routine, enforced time spent together or apart and increased responsibility will have an effect and how we feel about our significant other and our relationship.

If you’ve found yourself focusing on all the things your partner is doing wrong rather than the things you love about them. Perhaps you feel you just don’t understand their thinking process, my 6 week Parent Couples Reconnect Program will help.

There are common mistakes that both men and women make then they are in a relationship that triggers a build up of defensiveness and sometimes resentment.
It’s totally possible for you to get back to a place of feeling like a team in a relationship that’s harmonious, loving and provides a great template for your children on what a healthy relationship looks like.

This Parent Couples Reconnect Program will help you:

Understand typical character traits in men and women that can cause friction in loving relationships.
Understand how to better communicate your wants and needs to your partner eliminating frustration or the need to shout to be heard.
How to work with your partner instead of against them.
Learn the communication techniques that will enable you to dismiss arguments and differences before they start.

By the end of the program you’ll walk away with:

A clear understanding of how to communicate in a way that ensures your partner listens to you and that you are able to negotiate outcomes that work for you both.
Steps to take with your partner to get a better work-life-family balance for both of you.
A four step roadmap to discussing disagreements in your relationship calmly.
Price: £720 one person. / £1000 per couple.


Akcelina Cvijetic

Akcelina Cvijetic Dip NN Reg CCH MPNLP TFT Dx is a wellbeing expert and performance coach whose signature treatment, ‘The Ultimate Wellbeing Experience TM’ is a blend of effective, synergistic therapies, namely: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Nutrition.

Akcelina tailors each session around your goals and lifestyle to deliver both immediate and long- term results with a higher success rate. Her personalised recommendations are practical, effective and easy to implement. She offers her expertise and knowledge to make her clients feel nurtured, supported and empowered, providing support with:

  • Embracing change (career, relationship/marriage break up/recovery, health challenges)
  • Greater emotional release & resilience (stress-anxiety-overwhelm management, fear, shame, embarrassment, guilt, anger, grief, sadness, depression)
  • Increased confidence and happiness
  • Empowered public speaking and presentation skills
  • Higher motivation and performance
  • Release of past hurts and traumas, including bereavement
  • Improved self-image and weight loss
  • Enhanced energy and immunity
  • Improved digestive and skin health

Akcelina’s ‘The Ultimate Wellbeing Experience TM’ has been recommended by Conde Nast, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Psychologies.

Services & Fees:

Signature Treatment – Ultimate Wellbeing Experience – 2-hour initial consultation – £470

Includes a comprehensive assessment of your underlying nutritional, physical, emotional, biochemical and lifestyle barriers that are preventing you from achieving your optimum health, happiness and success and recommendations report with a taster of the master blend of Akcelina’s therapies. You are then empowered through a series of practical sessions with bespoke solutions.

Cognitive-Emotional Wellness – 2-hour initial consultation – £365

Includes a synopsis of your significant emotional events, cognitive, emotional assessment report, bespoke advice and effective tools to meet your individual needs

Nutritional & Lifestyle Improvement – 2-hour initial consultation – £265

Includes health, dietary and lifestyle assessment report with bespoke advice for your individual needs including test recommendations (if necessary)

Follow up consultations: 2 hours – £365; 1 hour – £185 (please specify when booking)

Includes a progress review and continuation of your specified wellness programme with further bespoke advice and effective tools

While containment measures are in place for COVID-19 Akcelina is available for onilne consultations, please email here or phone 07970 809 872 to arrange.

Availability: Thursdays and some Fridays

Sunčica Getter

Coaching enables clients to create desirable and sustainable change in their lives. It enhances wellbeing, creativity and performance in individuals, as well as in couples, families and teams. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client that facilitates transformational change in the client.

That change is always reflected in the client’s behaviour, and therefore coaching is often seen as performance focused, however, such change occurs at multiple levels at the same time – affecting mindset, emotions, purpose and behaviour – transforming them and aligning them.

Sunčica Getter, MA, PCC, is a certified individual and systemic coach, with over 20 years experience in learning and development, twelve of which are specifically in the coaching industry. She also has extensive experience as a coaching skills trainer and lecturer, both at the university level and in the area of professional development. Sunčica has worked with clients across the globe, on their life, work, partnership and family goals, as well as on their leadership development. She is passionate about empowering and equipping her clients to live a life based on self-knowledge, choice and responsibility.

Sunčica’s coaching sessions are avialable via Zoom

Initial Consultation 90 minutes £280

Follow up sessions 50 minutes £200