Mathieu Gugumus-Leguillon

Strength and mindfulness are at the core of Mathieu’s development as Soft Tissue Therapist. He has a great understanding of the body and its links to the mind. With thousands of treatments delivered, his skills allow him to work on a very wide range of issues, from deep and technical to subtle and soft.

He has developed his own way into alleviating symptoms of stress such as intricate headaches, relief of sports tensions, chronic injuries, and work or travel tightnesses. One of Mathieu’s biggest passions is to help pregnant women to reach an optimal state of relaxation. Over the years he has became an expert in pre and post natal work. His hands have a natural ability that will make you feel at ease and achieve the sense of relief that you looking for.


*Deep Tissue and Sports Massage* An all-rounder treatment with a lot of personal elements and techniques designed to leave you tension free. 60”/ £110 90”/ £150 120”/ £180

*Headache/Migraine Relief* A treatment that mixes a variety of techniques ranging from deep tissue to more subtle manipulations, aiming at improving the blood flow in the upper body, the neck, skull and face, to make your head feel light and relieved. 45”/£85 60”/£110 90”/£150

*Pre/Post Natal* A special treatment crafted to each pregnant and post pregnancy woman. Not your usual very light touch treatment, it will truly help you go through the most special time in your life, feeling lighter, less tense and relieved. 60”/£110 90”/£150 120”/£180

*Calming treatment* A slow paced gradually deep flow that will leave you floating. 60”/£110 90”/£150 120”/£180


60mins/ £110

90mins/ £150

120mins/ £180

Available every Thursday and other days by request!

Mike Filipo

New Zealander Mike Filipo obtained diplomas in Therapeutic Massage and Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy in 2000, and commenced his career working with Marist Rugby Football Club, working with the doctor and the physios of the club three times a week — this association stretched over six seasons. He also worked with the Auckland Warriors (a professional rugby league side), and over several years added the Auckland softball side and several touch rugby teams to his client list.

Mike has continued his training, incorporating myofascial trigger point therapy, sports massage, cranial release, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage and pregnancy massage.

He arrived in the UK at the end of 2003 and was the resident massage therapist at The Circle Health Club in St Johns Wood before it closed in 2006. He has since worked at Streatham Osteopaths, Alan Coles & associates and the Happiness Centre in Shepherds Bush, as well as treating private clients on a mobile basis.

Mike is personally an avid sportsman, when family commitments permit, a keen rugby player, and a black belt in Taekwondo.

Treatments / Prices

Sports / Deep Tissue / Relaxation / Pregnancy  Massage / Neuromuscular massage

60mins / £100

90mins / £150

Evangeline Di Michelle

Evangeline’s initial training as a beauty therapist and reflexologist was the start of a lifelong journey towards developing other intuitive healing therapies. These have become the basis of her work today.

In 2008 Evangeline spent a year in India studying the philosophy of Ayurvedic therapy. She also spent a month in the Sivananda ashram in Kerala learning yoga and its wisdom. In 2014, Evangeline spent a month in Bali with Louka Leppard, the founder of TULA (Tulamassage and Tulayoga).

Through her ongoing training with Louka Leppard and together with the teachings of Sophie de Lacaze-Duthiers, Evangeline has developed her understanding of the healing power of touch and the language of the body. Evangeline has also worked as a Tula practitioner with Alan Dolan at his retreat in Lanzarote where he uses transformational breath work to treat and help people with trauma, stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

Tulamassage is a full-body oil massage that takes place on a futon. It is a sensory journey through the landscape of your body. The practitioner honours the natural contours and channels between and around the fascia and muscles, using these natural stream lines as pathways along which to flow.

Tulamassage is practiced in sync with the rhythms and melodies in specific musical compositions. This creates a fluid, hypnotic and wave-like continuity of movement through the body of the receiver. Although there is a choreographic structure along which the practitioner travels, she/he understands the principle that loving intention, receptivity and creativity are more life giving and effective in deep healing than robotic repetition.

Unwavering presence, expression from the calm centre of the practitioner, the balance of action and reception, precision of rhythm and line, genuine caring, and the fusion of strength and tenderness are other essential components of this meditative practice/treatment.

The primary focus of Tulamassage is on lasting release, both physically and emotionally, and to guide the body back towards a natural, free streaming and vibrant symmetry. Both for the giver and the receiver it is an enjoyable, liberating and nourishing experience.

90mins / £150


A massage during pregnancy will help you through the huge physical and emotional changes that your pregnancy will bring. Don’t be surprised at backache, sore hips, and sore shoulders —
your massage will help you and relax, ease yourself into the changes in your body.

Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller and feel-good hormone. It can also relieve sciatic pain, reduce swelling and help with anxiety, insomnia and heartburn. It also increases circulation, blood and lymph flow, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and baby.

Leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.



A child’s world is one of constant lessons and learning, video games, sport — a constant round of activity, both amusing and educating the child, providing valuable learning experiences.

But one learning experience is usually missing: learning how to be calm, how they may find the axis of their being — the calm inner self which for the rest of their lives can be their place of peace and quiet.

Tulayoga is a simple, elegant and joyful practice that allows a child to centre on their body and their calm centre. Here they will discover how to call upon their tranquility, a lesson that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

No prior knowledge or experience of yoga is required. Evangeline will gently guide your child through the meditative therapy, gaining their trust and confidence.

30mins/ £50

Rupert French

Rupert’s first encounter with reflexology was about 20 years ago, when suffering from a bout of stress-related insomnia. Having explored other avenues without success, he decided to give reflexology a try. One treatment was all it took to break the cycle of his insomnia and this inspired him to find out more.

Rupert qualified from the Central London School of Reflexology in 2004 and has since studied with many of the world’s leading authorities on reflexology, helping him to refine his techniques and enabling him to adapt his treatments to whatever is needed.

He works with all types of conditions but specializes in pain & stress relief, hormonal dis-orders and pregnancy.

However, what really fascinates him is the biomechanical relationship between the feet and the body, and how poor movement in one affects the other, and how that in turn can impact on our health.

He is the only reflexologist in the world to have studied Gary Ward’s Anatomy in Motion (AIM), a movement therapy that uses gait and posture to unravel and solve people’s longstanding and often unexplained pain.

The feet are key to this process because if they can’t pronate or supinate well then the rest of the body has to compensate.

His ‘Free your Feet’ treatment is a great introduction to this and combines reflexology, mobilisation and massage with some AIM techniques and movements.

In addition to this Rupert also offers two treatments on the face – Facial Reflexology & Japanese Facial Lifting.  Both are fantastic for stress, great for the skin and work well with hormonal imbalances.


Reflexology £110 / 60 mins

Anatomy in Motion £190 / 90 mins + 30 mins pre appointment assessment

Free your Feet £110 / 60mins

Facial Reflexology / Japanese Facial Lifting Massage £135 / 60 mins