Amy Leung

Amy holds a Masters in Personalised Nutrition and is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Her work often involves working with clients to improve resiliency to stress and addressing associated chronic conditions including anxiety, poor sleep, gut function, skin health, thyroid and hormone balance. She is also passionate about proactive fertility care.

Amy is dedicated to a 100% client-centred approach where your unique priorities, goals, and values drive each consultation. She starts by listening to what matters to you and works in partnership to help empower you to regain the health you are looking for. You can expect a fully personalised and dynamic programme that aims to be realistic, sustainable and built to work with your life’s evolving goals, needs and commitments. Intelligent nutrition and lifestyle plans are designed to help you achieve balance, optimal function and resilience to the stressors of daily life.

You can work with Amy to access professional grade nutritional supplementation together with the latest, most reliable, and research-led laboratories for advanced Functional testing. These tests help with building a clearer understanding your clinical picture. They provide actionable information that form the basis of Amy’s recommendations that are unique to your needs.

Having experienced many different therapies herself, Amy is a firm believer in working collaboratively with other practitioners to help provide you with the best care. Throughout her career, she has built many long-lasting relationships with her clients.


Bespoke Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme
What is this?
The Bespoke Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme is based on one-to-one personalised consultations
One initial consultation and follow-up consultations as needed
Suitable for individuals who are looking to address chronic health issues or to do more to optimise their health and longevity
In person or by Zoom

What you can expect
In-depth functional assessment and behind-the-scenes investigation of your health concerns
A bespoke nutrition and lifestyle action plan following each consultation
Expert and detailed clinical interpretation of functional testing in the context of your current health presentation and goals
Functional testing and nutritional supplementation recommendations according to your specific needs and priorities
Learn about your own body and biochemistry, and its unique nutritional requirements
Understand why you are making dietary and lifestyle changes
Access integrative and collaborative care and feel 100% supported
A big-picture strategy for life-long health and wellbeing

360° Functional Health Assessment
What is this?
The 360° Functional Health Assessment is a Functional Testing package taken in two parts
One Exploratory Consultation of your health history and goals by Zoom
One Interpretation Session of your test results within the context of your history and goals
Suitable for those wanting to learn more about about their health
Choose from 2 packages that offer the most informative and actionable functional testing to match your needs
Works well as a one-off or as part of an annual functional wellness check-up
Dovetails into the Bespoke Programme for any necessary follow-up consultations
Tests are charged separately
By Zoom

What you can expect
Expert and detailed clinical interpretation in the context of your current health presentation
Learn about your own body and biochemistry, and its unique nutritional needs
Basic Assessment is based on:
Functional stool testing and complete nutritional status
Comprehensive Assessment is based on:
Functional stool testing, complete nutritional status, sex and stress hormones, allergy and food sensitivities, intestinal barrier assessment, non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and cross-reactive foods


15mins Complimentary Consultation by phone

Bespoke Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme
Initial Consultation – 90mins / £240
Follow-up Consultations – 60mins/ £160

360° Functional Health Assessment
Basic Assessment – Total 120mins/ £320
Comprehensive Assessment – Total 180mins/ £450
Testing charged separately

Catia Soares (BSc, MSc, Dip CNM)

Catia is a Psychologist, holding a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Porto, Portugal and also a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.

She specialised in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine to enrich her work with clients and combine her two passions: Psychology and Nutrition. She has also worked as a Head of Psychology/Bioresonance Practitioner and as a Nutritional Therapist in one of the UK’s leading natural and wellbeing clinics.

Catia has always been passionate about supporting people leading fulfilling and happier lives. She works with people holistically, incorporating the principles of humanistic psychology & buddhism, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma informed approach, compassionate focused therapy, and naturopathy, nutritional therapy and energy medicine.

She offers an integrated approach combining Psychology, Nutritional Therapy & Spirituality to support people in bringing forth their limitless potential and achieving both positive emotional and physical wellbeing.

Catia’s main areas of expertise are:
– Weight management
– Mindful eating
– Hormonal balancing, including fatigue and sleep issues
– Emotional & mental wellbeing, including anxiety, depression, self-esteem/confidence and stress management
– Recovery from alcohol & drugs dependency

She is a qualified Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Registered Nutritional Therapist with the British Association For Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Therapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

Treatment fees:
– Initial consultation (up to 90 minutes) – £150
– Follow-up consultation (up to 1 hour) – £100
– 3, 4 and 6 month packages – prices ranging from £400 / £600 / £1120 / £1800
– Other services include meal planning, grocery store face to face tours and online shopping remote service – prices upon request

Notice of at least 48 hours is required for all appointment cancellations. Late cancellations and no shows will be fully charged.

Akcelina Cvijetic

Akcelina Cvijetic Dip NN Reg CCH MPNLP TFT Dx is a wellbeing expert and performance coach whose signature treatment, ‘The Ultimate Wellbeing Experience TM’ is a blend of effective, synergistic therapies, namely: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Nutrition.

Akcelina tailors each session around your goals and lifestyle to deliver both immediate and long- term results with a higher success rate. Her personalised recommendations are practical, effective and easy to implement. She offers her expertise and knowledge to make her clients feel nurtured, supported and empowered, providing support with:

  • Embracing change (career, relationship/marriage break up/recovery, health challenges)
  • Greater emotional release & resilience (stress-anxiety-overwhelm management, fear, shame, embarrassment, guilt, anger, grief, sadness, depression)
  • Increased confidence and happiness
  • Empowered public speaking and presentation skills
  • Higher motivation and performance
  • Release of past hurts and traumas, including bereavement
  • Improved self-image and weight loss
  • Enhanced energy and immunity
  • Improved digestive and skin health

Akcelina’s ‘The Ultimate Wellbeing Experience TM’ has been recommended by Conde Nast, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Psychologies.

Services & Fees:

Signature Treatment – Ultimate Wellbeing Experience – 2-hour initial consultation – £470

Includes a comprehensive assessment of your underlying nutritional, physical, emotional, biochemical and lifestyle barriers that are preventing you from achieving your optimum health, happiness and success and recommendations report with a taster of the master blend of Akcelina’s therapies. You are then empowered through a series of practical sessions with bespoke solutions.

Cognitive-Emotional Wellness – 2-hour initial consultation – £365

Includes a synopsis of your significant emotional events, cognitive, emotional assessment report, bespoke advice and effective tools to meet your individual needs

Nutritional & Lifestyle Improvement – 2-hour initial consultation – £265

Includes health, dietary and lifestyle assessment report with bespoke advice for your individual needs including test recommendations (if necessary)

Follow up consultations: 2 hours – £365; 1 hour – £185 (please specify when booking)

Includes a progress review and continuation of your specified wellness programme with further bespoke advice and effective tools

While containment measures are in place for COVID-19 Akcelina is available for onilne consultations, please email here here or phone 07970 809 872 to arrange.

Availability: Thursdays and some Fridays