Andrew Bryant

Andrew has been in Osteopathic practice in Central London for 29 years, he was based at The Life Centre for the last 25 before joining Anamaya in June 2020.

Using general osteopathic and cranial osteopathic techniques Andrew has extensive experience of treating many different conditions and problems ranging from stress related issues to serious physical trauma following accidents, head injury, sports injuries, spinal and joint problems, headaches, migraines and post operative recovery.

Andrew has also spe -ed in the treatment of mothers and babies, treating a range of pregnancy related problems and also babies for conditions such as colic, reflux, feeding and sleeping issues and birth trauma resulting from difficult delivery.

Andrew is a member of the General Osteopathic Council

What to expect:-

Osteopathy/cranial osteopathy is a powerful but gentle form of hands on treatment. During an initial consultation a full medical history will be taken with time allocated to explain and discuss the issues the patient is presenting with and any background or other health concerns. A physical examination of the affected areas will be carried out and then a first treatment will be given to relieve pain and begin to address the underlying structural issues which may involve gentle osteopathic techniques applied to the spine, limbs or head as appropriate. Every osteopathic treatment is different, according to the individual person’s needs. Other advice may be given regarding nutrition, exercise, stress management and lifestyle choices.


Adults and Children 45mins  / £90