Katerina Furman MA, CH, MH, ADPR, D.Hyp, MBSCH

Katerina Furman is a clinical hypnotherapist, she will help you claim your wellbeing back, both mentally and physically.

You will feel empowered and will understand and control the cause of your un-ease,
with the use of hypnosis power and deep knowledge of human psychology.

Katerina offers compassionate, professional and confidential service, using a blend of therapies and methods to get the best and lasting results for your wellbeing.

Her other clients say:
“My transformation has exceeded my expectations. I would never have thought that letting go of the past can make my present – and future! – look so bright and happy.” (Esther, London)
“What I liked about our sessions is your to the point approach. I was also impressed with the results…, I feel much lighter and also happy to know that there is a cure for mental issues.” (Miriam, London)
“I felt so relieved, all my anxieties and hurts were simply gone.” (Nadya, Germany)
“In just a few sessions my life has changed; I’ve started feeling happy, confident and above all, a great mum to my kids! (Victoria, UK)
“Best investment in my life!” (Anna, London)

Katerina supports you with:
Improving your confidence and self-esteem
Overcoming relationships issues, including spouses, parents and relatives
Alleviating health related issues and psychosomatics (like allergies, IBS, migraines, and many others)
Reducing your anxiety, stress and depression
Overcoming procrastination and inability to move forward in life
Improving your kids’ wellbeing
And other individual areas of concern, as per your needs.
With the therapy being tailored to your specific needs, each treatment plan is bespoke, so you get the best results possible.

You will begin with an initial consultation with Katerina where you will together create a plan for your transformation, including an idea of the length of the therapy and the investment required.
Katerina will describe in detail her approach and will answer all your questions.

She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner and a Registered Supervisor, in addition to a degree in Psychology. Having studied in the UK, the USA and Russia, she has access to leading research and knowledge across the globe.

As befits this level of qualification, Katerina is registered with leading UK’s and international professional organisations, such as British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, Professional Standards Authority, USA’s National Guild Of Hypnotists, among others.

She runs her own hypnotherapy workshops for professionals AND is a speaker and an author for professional conferences and magazines.

Katerina is a native Russian, mother of two children, is an active member of the community  and engaged with charity work. She has been living in London for nearly 10 years and offers therapy in both Russian and English.

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Initial consultation £55 (up to 45 min)
Therapy session £250 (up to 90 min)