Dr. Ming Zhao Cheng

Dr. Ming Zhao Cheng MD (China) Msc (Oxford) PhD (London) MBAcC MATCM is highly regarded in the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine profession.

Dr. Cheng is currently a Governing Board member of the British Acupuncture Council and the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Principal Lecturer and postgraduate course leader of Traditional Chinese Medicine in London.

As an expert representative on the UK department of Health’s Working Group for Statutory Regulation of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Herbal Medicine Practitioners, Dr. Cheng is an authority in the practice of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He has been working tirelessly for the establishment of statutory regulation of his profession.

Dr. Cheng has more than 30 years of extensive clinical experience in the practice, teaching and research of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He trained and qualified as a Medical Doctor in both Chinese and orthodox Western Medicine in Guangzhou, China in the early 1980s. He subsequently studied in Oxford University  on a British Government Scholarship and gained his MSc degree in medicine. He was awarded PhD from University of London in the 1990s.

Dr Cheng treats patients at Anamaya on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Initial consultation 60mins / £155

Follow up 60mins / £130

Followup 30mins / £75

Chinese Herbs – Initial Consultation (no acupuncture) £130 Herbal prescriptions are not included and are charged separately.