The Intensive

The Intensive is a unique combination of Psychotherapy, Neuromeditation and Bodywork over six weeks, a powerful tool for change in your life.

Sometimes we get ‘stuck’ – unsatisfying moods and ways of dealing with things seem to become intractible: stress, anger, anxiety, depression, alcohol can all seem to become a part of our lives.

But change is possible.

The Intensive offers 20 hours of personal, tailored therapies aimed at achieving meaningful change in your life. Its unique combination of therapies are selected to complement each other: Psychotherapy will explore and understand, Neuromeditation will work on brain structure and serenity, Bodywork will clear your physical self of old experiences and feelings. A unique and powerful set of therapies in one.

Each Psychotherapy session with Talitha Stevenson will last 50 minutes, and will be followed immediately by an hour of Neuromeditation with Graham Doke. The Bodywork, with Graham Doke, will be a 90 minute session on a different day, at your convenience.

All sessions are private and personal, and all will be held at Anamaya. Because of the personal nature of the Intensive, only 10 places are available, so early booking is essential.

The next Intensive starts January 20th 2014. Total cost for the 20 hours of treatments is £1,750 in three payments with a non-refundable 10% depost to secure your place.

Call us on 0203 011 0355 or email us to make a booking. More detail can be found on our blog.

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