Deep release bodywork

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Deep release bodywork with practitioner Graham Doke is based on the interplay of mind and body – each reflects the other in their state of ease or unease. Stress, anxiety, anger, relationship problems, bereavement – all contribute to an uneasy mind, which will be reflected in an uneasy body.

So, Graham combines bodywork, both deep and lighter, with meditation and psychotherapy techniques; the aim is to release stored emotions and past stresses, leaving you relaxed in mind and body. He aims to help you, in his words, ‘Find your serenity’.

Graham takes his mind and body practice into the athletic world, where he provides on the spot support for endurance athletes, keeping them ‘in shape’ and moving during their events. Graham has ‘crewed’ in this way for World Record and gold medalling ultra runners and walkers in a number of different events and countries.

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