Graham Doke is a co-founder and director of Anamaya, and is also the principal architect of the Anamaya Meditation App, and Anamaya for Schools, a mindfulness for schools programme. He holds an MSc in Philosophy of Mind from Edinburgh University, where he continues research. You can read more about Graham’s background here.

The basis of Graham’s practice is the seamless interface of mind and body, nowhere more clearly demonstrated than in the way in which emotions affect us bodily and mentally. With skillful mind training, we can gain mastery of the processes of our minds, perception, cognition, thought, emotion. We can rid ourselves of negative perceptions, thoughts and emotions, and clear the way to positivity and understanding: this is the gateway to happiness.

Graham offers mind training and mindfulness, with bodywork to release stored tension from historic trauma. His specialty is the use of mind training to develop a better way of being: a simple and clear change to how we approach life’s problems and challenges can lead to immense changes. He has limited availability: please check with reception.


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