A Better Way of Being

A key to a better way of being is understanding and control of emotions. Your emotions are valid, they serve a purpose … but problems arise when they become too intense. When they become  afflictive. When they start to take over, to become a part of everything you do.

Graham spe -es in emotion, in its neurobiological origins and the manner in which they operate — it is the subject of his PhD research. And this specialty allows an insight into how emotions may be acknowledged, validated, but prevented from taking control. Sessions with Graham are not psychotherapy sessions, they are sessions to learn about emotions, and how to train your mind to bring them under control.

Over a few sessions, you will come to understand the nature of emotions, how they operate, and how your emotions may have grown so much, whether they originated in bereavement, trauma, relationships … how they originate is not important (you are not ‘in therapy’), all that matters is their size. You will come to value your emotions. You will also develop tools to manage them, to prevent them from becoming too big, from being afflictive. The prospect is tranquility through mind training.

Using mind training techniques adapted from both Buddhist and western learning, Graham offers tools to allow you to rule your own life, rather than your emotions to rule it.

Graham has an intense schedule and limited availability, although he does offer remote sessions. Please enquire at reception for his availability.